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My! My! Where to start? Lol ..ok we’ll my #1 pet peeve is a lazy nurse. I don’t like working with them, reporting off to them, or most importantly following them. I don’t think lazy nurses are a majority, thank God, but just a few can ruin a floor if we’re not careful. Lazy nurses make our jobs harder in several ways. They cause our patients to mistrust us when we say we will be right there, they cause us extra work finishing what they have left behind, and they don’t care for patients the way they deserve, risking the patients health and well being which is not acceptable.
On the patient side of things my pet peeve is a patient who I work my butt off for all day/night, those extra needy ones especially, who turn around and tell family, the doctors or the next nurse that comes in that I didn’t do this or that. To have a patient blatantly lie like that just flies all over me!

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