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I have 2 major pet peeves: #1 is nurses who sit and ignore pump alarms. Most times it is a simple occlusion and all needed is to resrt pump and straighten the line. Seems I am one of the few who will stop and check the alarm unless pt or fam actually call out and ask for the nurse. #2 is what the $^&*#% are nursing schools, esp BSN programs, teaching RNs nowadays?! My facility is the only one locally. Hiring new grads without an internship or residency program. The majority arebhired frpm a particular university and I get so sick of hearing some version of “I’m an RNso I’m too good to do that, get the tech to empty/clean/bathe that”!When did this become acceptable? I’ve been an RN for 15yrs and have never done this, unless there was spmething I absolutely HAD to do that could not wait. Since when idoes any nurse have too big a degree to care for a patient? If you think that is the case you’re in the wrong profession.

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