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Nurse C your #1 is spot on!! Ugh I literally cannot stand bullying and gossip in the workplace. And unfortunately in nursing it’s epidemic!! So many times I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 7th-8th grade. Come on people we are adults and work in a very stressful environment at times b/c people’s lives are at stake and nursing has NO room for bullying/gossip!! We have enough stress trying to give pts the best care possible without having to worry about workplace bullying/gossip!!! And I have first hand experience with CHARGE NURSES dishing it out!!! So with that said bullying/gossip in the workplace is my #1 pet peeve!!! Truly makes my heart sad 🙁 all I wanna do is do the best job possible and it’s almost impossible when you are dealing with cruel, mean-spirited, bad attitude, demeaning behavior at work!!! A close second are those coworkers who whine and complain it just brings the morale of the unit down and is very contagious. One person starts it and before you know it everyone working is either whining, complaining, or has a bad attitude. It’s pure poison!!

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