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Oh Nurseables is right about this but I think my #1 pet peeve is associated c the staff. I have a HUGE issue with a any staff member that is dead set on causing problems. My rule has always been “The bull stops at the door”. I did not allow my staff to gossip about other employees on duty. If I heard they were I took action. In our line of work we have to be able to work well with those we work with, a TEAM is needed. If 1 is causing a team split it not only interferes with our effectiveness to our job to our fullest ability, but the pt’s feel the effects too. It’s also difficult to find good employees that can work independently and who are competent. Gossip I have find is usually directed towards those who are more efficient with their duties from those who are less efficient. I hate when I have an awesome employee who is ran off r/t the ignorance of difficult staff.
#2 pet peeve is a pt who fakes a s/s of a possible serious issue like CP, just to get more attention. I have had many who did this. They KNOW we are busy and would LOVE to just sit and visit but are not able to do this. So they fake s/s. I had 1 man who did this not to long ago who told his CMA he was having severe CP. I came running clear across the NH to assess. When I got there he as calmly sitting in his W/C looking at CD’s. I asked him what was going on. He said “I don’t know, what?” I asked if he had CP. He said “No”. I asked “Didn’t you just tell your CMA you had severe CP?” he said he did… I said “So you don’t have CP at all?”. He said “No”. I asked “Do you have ANYTHING that is wrong with you?” He said “Oh I have a little bit of a upset stomach”. I was FURIOUS!!! But I calmly explained the importance of him being honest about his s/s, that his dishonesty was taking away from the care of other pt’s who I had been caring for, I explained that if it continued, we could not allow 1 pt to interfere with the quality of care given to the rest and our next step may have to be to send him to another facility for Tx. I had NO further issues after this. Though the other nurses did. lololol I just don’t think that some pts understand that we are not sitting behind the desk just waiting for someone to need us. But in fact we are constantly doing pt care or documentation of care given.

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