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I work in a pediatric clinic and my pet peeve is parents who use nurses as a threat to keep their kid’s behavior in check. Specifically, I hear “If you don’t behave, the nurse is going to give you a shot!” Gee, thanks! I always wanted your kids to be scared to death of me a cry the minute they saw me! This happens *every single day* usually from parents who are too busy texting on their phones to actually monitor what their children are doing, mind you… When I open the door to the waiting room to call the child’s name, they literally scurry behind the parent’s leg and hold on for dear life like I’m doing to run after them with a meat cleaver! When we go into the room to get vitals, I literally have to repeat over and over, “Nothing’s going to hurt you in here… I’m just taking your temperature with my magic wand… I just want you to step up on the scale…. I’m just going to slide this down on top of your head to see how tall you are… Nothing’s going to hurt you in here” and they’re screaming bloody murder the whole while. It’s awful that I have to even SAY I’m not going to hurt them – they shouldn’t even EXPECT me to hurt them – but their parents have put that into their minds that we nurses are going to do that to them… “You motherXXX, this is all your doing!” is all I want to say to the parents, but I hold my tongue because I’m a professional…

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