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I work in an outpatient endoscopy facility. We do not have an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) set up for outpatient facility use yet. When the patient is scheduled for a procedure, the doc’s office sends out instructions,a prescription for bowel prep(if needed) AND health history and medication sheets to be filled out by the patient to be brought in on their scheduled date. Chances are that about 50% of them will do as they’re asked. The rest tell us that their doctors have that information already! Well DUH!!! We do not have access to those records, that is why the forms are sent!!!!!
The next best thing-adults who scream or cry (literally!) when they get their IV started!! Really???? I used to work in the float pool at our main hospital and had many children NOT even whimper when they had their IV started!!! Please people, grow up!!!!

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