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Hi Thomas, would need to take the NCLEX exam again after taking a refresher course? If yes, some excellent NCLEX books you could look at are: Saunders for content, Kaplan Strategies book, and LaCharity book for priorities. Also, you can take a look at NCSBN’s website for online NCLEX review- they are the ones who make up the NCLEX exam, so it would be worth it take a look at it. For other resources, I really like David Woodruff’s site. He’s a clinical expert and has products that help in professional development. I highly, highly recommend him and his products. I took his course for my Med-Surg Certification exam and passed with his audio reviews. He has some products too for new nurses in Med-Surg, ICU and ER. Take a look! He’s a great articulate teacher and makes concepts easier to understand. Lastly, for books, anything made by the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy are always great books- easy to read and boils down points that are also easy to understand. Hope your transition will be smooth and best wishes to you.

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