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Thank you for the advice. Your comment has encouraged me to do some research. It seems like our facilities might be breaking a few laws.
For example, I injured myself on the job( this light duty is not because of pregnancy). Through the hospital I have seen doctors who have told me to do light duty(at first only sit down duty). Under workers comp laws, employers are not allowed to fire an employee for this. In addition, an employer should try to find a position that fits this employee. If not then the employee receives workers comp pay. This site has good info on workers Comp. Unfortunately you have to read through the mess. (

Second, I would like to point out that the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 also protects me. I should not get fired or forced to quit because I am pregnant. In addition, I am considered an employee with a short term disability. If my doctor says I need to do light duty then that should be taken into consideration. I should not be forced to do tasks that I cannot do. Now if this was a permanent condition then we have a different story. However it is important to remember people with disabilities are protected by law as well. ( (

Other laws that protect pregnant women are the Americans with Disabilities Act ( the Family Medical Leave Act, and other state laws.

If those pregnant women in your ED felt discriminated against, were forced to quit, fired for being pregnant or bullied they can file a grievance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( ) I have to say that I am strongly considering filing a complaint myself.

I am able to still do my job. I should not be bullied, discriminated against, forced to quit because I am pregnant and injured. I have rights and no one is going to take that away.

Thank you.

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