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If the doctor says “no lifting for six weeks” because of a surgery (not work related) the hospital does not, as far as I know, have to provide a no lifting job for that person for six weeks. It is a requirement to work in the ER that you be able to lift. Pregnancy and L&I probably do have special protections, but like I said, my hospital has never relieved anyone in either of those situations that I know of.

As far as me not liking the law … I’m probably not informed enough to have an opinion either way … I just know that anyone on the schedule to work in the ER needs to be able to perform all of the duties associated with that position. If the law says they get some form of late duty or special compensation … that is great, as long as they aren’t working in the ER. Before the policy change, I was given light duty after a gall bladder surgery and got to redo all of the policies and procedures for the entire hospital, along with some other computer type work. I was thankful for the work (and the paycheck) but since then other people have had surgery and have not been provided with light duty. I would be interested to hear if you know of a law which provides protection in this case and not just for work related injuries and pregnancies.

I don’t try to be confusing … it just comes naturally to me.

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