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People aren’t loosing their jobs, they are just being taken off the schedule until they can come back to full duty. They are being allowed to use any/all of their vacation/sick leave but then the rest of their time off is unpaid.

Some people may have temporary disability insurance. FMLA leave has been used, but like I said, people aren’t getting fired over surgeries, they are just not getting full time hours in while they are on ‘light duty.’ FMLA allows for time off for various things, but it doesn’t mean you are getting paid past what you have saved up in your vacation bank.

If there is light duty to be had, such as when I had mine, they have given it, but I have seen others who have not been given a light duty job …. either way, you can’t take care of patients in the ER unless you are able to perform the job fully. Even after the switch to the “no light duty” policy, I have seen some people offered some hours to help make ends meet, but like you said, the hospital does not have an obligation to create a light duty position if there isn’t one to be had. It sucks for those that aren’t able to work when they want to, but patient and staff safety requires everyone to be working at full capacity.

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