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My department has adopted a “no light duty” policy. Either you can do your job or you can’t. I work in the ER, so we get our fair share of combative patients, and 500 pounders, and all kinds of nasty diseases. On a case by case basis we will rotate tasks so I don’t have to stick a foley into a 17 year old girl who really doesn’t want a man down there, and more often than not it is a guy that goes out to help someone out of their car, etc, but it really is unfair to your co-workers if you can’t function at a reasonable level and they have to take all of the combative patients, instead of spreading the joy.

We’ve had ladies work through their entire pregnancies in the ER, to the point I didn’t want to work with them anymore because I was afraid they were going to deliver right there …. icky. We have also had ladies that have quit early in their pregnancy because they were just too tired or didn’t want to expose themselves to all of the icky things in the ER.

The choice is up to you, but you need to look into your departments policy on light duty. If you can get it, great, but if there is no such thing as light duty, then don’t work past the point in which you can safely do your job.

Yeah, I’m a guy, so I’ll be hated for the above statements, but it holds true for post op patients who work as nurses just as well.

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