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I worked with a nurse for 5 years. When I started to work with her, she was 79 years old. She had a lot of experience, and was a great go to person for advice. She had no family, and her job was her life. She had severe COPD. I had to do all of her work that required physical strength. For example any dressing that required turning the patient,or lifting a limb and holding it. I also had to do all the codes on her patients, as she could no longer be certified in CPR, because she was to weak to do chest compression’s. They probably should have got rid of her because she could not physically do her work.She was such a sweetheart, we all loved her and gladly picked up her slack. She finally retired when she was 83, when her COPD got so bad, she had to be on continuous O2, and had exertional dyspnea. I still frequently pick her up on my days off, and take her out to lunch.

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