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A few years ago, I had a patient who was schizophrenic and was joined up with a room mate for 1:1 monitoring. He got up to go the bathroom, and was in there for over an hour. The CNA, a very short, very pregnant little Filipino lady called me to the room to get the guy out of there so his room mate could use the facilities. I knocked on the door, explained that the room mate had to go too, and the patient quietly and nonchalantly came out, washed his hands and went to bed. Not long after, the CNA called me into the room again, and explained that there was a horrible smell in the bathroom and she couldn’t find the source. She had cleaned the toilet, the floor, and even the walls, trying to get rid of the stench of dookie that was emanating from the rest room. I went in to the bathroom and started laughing because my schizophrenic patient had molded his BM into a small sculpture, toilet paper and all, and hung it on the towel rack, which was about six inches above the CNA’s head. I told the CNA that the patient had left her a present, wasn’t that nice? We still laugh together about this incident and share the story with others.

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