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Worked at a facility about 20 yrs ago that had a male pt that was as mean as a junk yard dog. He was very abusive to the females pt’s. Facility was fed up with what to do with him. Well, 2 other gentleman pt’s got fed up. They had, had enough. They were WC bound but had great UE strength. During the night shift somehow they had crawled out of their beds over the rails, got into their WC’s, grabbed a trash sack out of the can, creeeeeaped across the hall to the junk yard dogs room. and attempted to KILL him by putting the bag over his head to suffocate him. Though an employee walked in and stopped them. The man died later on but completely unrelated to that incident. But he never messed with any more woman after that…:) I got to talk to 1 of the “Vigilantes” later and he said “What were they going to do to us? Throw us in jail? Hell we’re already in jail.”

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