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I agree with Traci. Check with your state BON. If you have the right to an appeal and you feel you have a fairly good chance of overturning the infraction, you should pursue that avenue. Otherwise to have your record expunged can be quite difficult. It probably would not hurt to contact a lawyer and have some muscle when you contact the Board. Sometimes facts that the Board does NOT tell you are far more important than the ones that they DO tell you. Also get yourself a copy of the Nurse Practice Act and the laws that govern nursing in your state. That should give you some additional information as relates to how long the reprimand appears on your license. If it is a personal issue vs. a professional issue, there is usually a path that you can take and if you complete the program successfully, the infraction is removed. Let me know. I really empathize with you on this one, because sometimes the BON can have you “over a barrel” David

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