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I agree with Jason. I have never seen a resume with every or any piece of equipment listed. Basic pieces such as IV pumps or monitors will be different brands, and you will be trained on what ever brands the institution that hires you uses. (That being said, I include video telehealth tools like an electronic stethoscope on my resume as a proficiency because it is not a common thing for people to have experience in using. ) Your employer will expect that you have had some experience on common equipment and it is not necessiary to be detailed on a resume for a new grad.

Since you are a new grad, employers will not expect to see a long detailed resume from you, so don’t make this more complicated than it is!!

As far as pay, you should be able to find out the pay scales for new RNs fairly easily. Ask classmates what they have heard and what they have been offered. Most of the time, new grad RN pay rates are pretty similar in a city because the hospitals want to be competitive. There are also websites ( that can tell you the salary ranges in your area. If you know any RNs in the area where you want to work, ask them about what starting pay rates are.

As far as interviews, find a friend, family member, former instructor, or classmate to practice interviewing with you. Set up a video and record yourself. Practice, pratice, practice. Search the internet for common questions asked in interviews for new grads and write out your answers and then practice saying them out loud till you are comfortable with them.

Have a list of questions that you bring to the interview, because you are interviewing them too, to see if you want to work there. Look up the employer on the internet and learn as much as you can about them so that you can ask good questions and can display to the interviewer that you know a lot about their company.
Use your past career experience if you can to show an employer that you are hard working, or loyal, or dedicated, or enthusiastic or a fast learner, or a team player, etc.

Read the job descriptions before you apply for the job and make sure your resume includes key words that are included in the job description. If they are looking for some one to work in a fast paced team environment, then your resume should say you work well in a fast paced team environment.

Best of luck to you in passing the test and getting your first nursing job!

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