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Vertigo has been a frequent curse after I had a concussion afterbeing attacked by a patient while working on the psych unit February 2011. I was in constant vertigo for nearly a week. I spent 6 days in the hospital due to this. I was told that when my head bounced twice off the floor during the attack, the fluid in the inner ear for a lack of a better term “swished” around in waves and I had to wait until the fluid settled. One doc mentioned the crystals beind disrupted during the attack as well. After the hospital, I was dizzy for the two months I was off work at my new job I started the month before the attack. Now I get frequent episodes of vertigo in the past 2+ years. You describe exactly what I experience: the room spinning, immediate sweats, intense nausea, racing heart. I’ve never been asked what direction the room was spinning, but the posts here make sense. I take Antivert (meclazine) daily and up to three times daily during and a few times after a vertigo episode. I bought a product called Di-Vertigo online which contains francensense and myrrh among other ingredients. It works well do decrease the intensity of the vertigo and sometimes stops an episode. I carry it where ever I go. I couldn’t tolerate the physical therapy (head manuvers) but it would probably help. Good luck. I empathize with you.

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