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I got called into work today over some charting concerns. I have been an LPN for 3 years and this is my 1st real stint in a nursing home. Well, we had a pt that looks from my charting that I did nothing about- even though I know I had the RN assess and I feel like I was blown off. So, the way it looks is that I did nothing. RN didn’t chart after me or no notation that Dr. was called nothing. So, it looks like I did nothing while this pt died (she was sent out on the next shift @ 630pm). I am upset. I feel physically ill and I am being questioned on my interest in doing my job. Really I am pretty pissed off, because I feel like I was left to hang out in the wind. I cannot do everything for 30 + pts on a rehab hall by myself. I have gotten blamed for things I haven’t done by a older CNA who expects me to do her job too. Comments have been said regarding my lack of interest because I am going to school. I just don’t get it! I was in school when I started. I have changed from days to nights to get FT. I just don’t get it and then BAM this… What do you do?

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