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Talk to your Versant mentors and instructors. To look a little older, make sure you dress professionally and not in anything trendy or immature looking. Hair style and color and your makeup should not say “Party”!
Consider your voice tone. Do you sound young? Can you talk to physicians in a deeper louder tone that conveys confidence? Can you get fed back from any one there on how you are doing and what you can do to grow?
Find a mentor for a formal mentoring relationship. Talk to your manager. See if you can get some education paid for by the hospital in areas where you think you are lacking.
Be friendly to the physicians but not too informal which makes you seem young. If physicians are yelling, then talk to management about this unacceptable behavior. Or Human resources. Learn how to respond to abusive physician behavior. File a complaint against Drs if need be. Ask other nurses how to respond to abusive physicians. Bring up late admissions at your staff meetings and ask for ideas on how this can be handled.
If you are seriously anxious and can’t sleep, then you will not be rested and your shift will be even harder. See your Dr to see if some occasional antianxiety or sleeping med might help you to be better rested. Or an antidepressant. Life is too short to be this unhappy!

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