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I worked a VERY busy, big hospital tele floor as a new grad. Had post open hearts with pacer wires still sticking out of their chests, ventilator patients, q2h CVP checks (with the old school glass tubing since we didn’t have in room monitors), etc … it was crazy busy with 5:1 ratio, total care. I’m so glad I didn’t kill anyone.

In WA those contracts have not stood up in court, so read it carefully and see what you actually agreed to. We had some nurses sign contracts like that that said they would work in this department for so many years or pay back, but it didn’t specify how many hours per week they would work (full time, part time, prn, etc) so they reduced their hours from full time to PRN and never picked up any shifts.

Might be worth talking to a lawyer or the nursing board and let them know you don’t feel safe working in that environment? Good luck.

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