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I have worked with AND without techs. I have never been one to utilize the techs the way they are supposed to be, like others, I feel guilty for asking them to do something that I am capable of AND have time to do myself. Maybe this is because I started as a CNA. When I worked med/surg and had 6-7 patients, with techs, my work didn’t seem as difficult as when I worked step-down, with a 4-5 patient load and no techs. When I had my CNAs, I was able to concentrate more on my patients and their families, and w/o them, I was too busy lifting wiping, feeding, whatever, to spend time with others. Now, I work in the ICU, 2 critical care patients, or up to 4 lower acuity ones, and we do primary care. For some reason, the work is easier in the ICU than it was in the step-down. I think that in the ICU, we have more of a teamwork frame of mind than there is in the other units of the hospital. We are rarely too busy to help each other out, and the only time I miss having techs is when we have those larger patients, vented and sedated, where we need almost everyone in the nit to help “turn and baste”. lol!!

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