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Techs! We generally have 6-8 patients. Feeders, turns, Dr calls, talk with families, get them up with lifts for therapy or tests. We work 12’s, but have to chart like 8’s. we draw blood cultures, some labs, do our dressings, and have many patients in isolation. We can have this load without techs too. We can also have teams of three with 12 patients per team. The team can be RN, LPN, and tech/aide,or a mix of licensed. If we have a tech with 6-8, we might have to do our own meds too.
Our patients can be off the unit for hours smoking. Makes it difficult to provide any care in a timely manner and stay on top of things. A tech can provide some care while I am making calls.i’ve also had a manager that can say stop charting and answer the light, then get yelled at for staying late to chart. It is no win.
Ideal would be 4-5 max with a tech and a med nurse (with discharges it may be 10 by the end of the shift).

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