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Sorry this happened to you. In my state you must report yourself to the state board any time you lose a job. If they find out you were fired and you did not tell them you can get in trouble for not reporting this yourself. I was fired (not narcotic related) and I submitted a statement to the nursing board. They determined that there was no action they needed to take against me or my license as I was let go for interpersonal reasons with my manager, but if I had not self reported, I could have been facing some kind of action by the board.
On a related note, one of my nursing friends who works in an ICU was questioned about narcotics that he had entered as “returned” in the pyxis, but when the return box was opened by pharmacy the meds were “missing”. He was pressured to change the documentation to “wasted” and have some one “witness” this for him, so that the count would be OK. He refused to do this because he did not “waste” the med, he returned it and he would also have to ask a coworker to lie for him ( say that she saw him waste the med and cosign it).
Narcotics are a serious business as you have learned. I hope that you will be able to find a new job quickly.

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