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No. The fact that the test came back negative shouldn’t be enough. It would be very easy to just pocket the tablets and take them later. Or the tablets could’ve been sold to someone else during the shift, or given to someone else or stashed somewhere to be picked up by someone else or the person doing the stashing. Who discovered the missing meds? If the meds “fell out of the blister pack” where did they go? Were they found? If not, how did the other nurse know they “just fell out of the blister pack”? I would pay close attention to the other nurse who counted and who apparently had had issues with her meds “falling out of the blister packs” also. I am no accusing anybody of stealing the meds so don’t get all up in arms but it would be very easy to pass a drug screen if the meds were in a pocket or bottom of a purse for later. We all know we take ownership of those meds when we sign off on the totals and why we keep the meds locked. If I had noticed two gone when I counted I would’ve been tearing that pyxsis or med cart apart!

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