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Did she specifically apply for the dialysis position? Why? Seems like that is a strange choice if her aim is to eventually be in a supervisory position anyway. Dialysis is so specialized! It seems like you would have to be at least semi-interested to even “get” it (even more so than most nursing positions).

Sounds like you are her direct manager? Are you able to have a sit-down conversation with this new nurse? I haven’t been a RN that long–but long enough to precept a brand-new grad nurse. I lucked out. My trainee was amazingly proactive and passionate. Of course she struggled with time management (who doesn’t?) and wasn’t incredibly assertive (that takes time). We frequently sat down (or took an extra 3 minutes standing in the med room) and discussed any concerns, questions. She really wanted my honest, open feedback. If there was anything I was concerned about–from her attitude with a patient to a procedure to…you name it, she told me she would rather have a conversation about it immediately. I think most of this appreciate this type of transparent communication. Yes, some folks get very defensive, but this is just part of the job. Sounds like you need a serious conversation with this new nurse before she gets too far into something she dislikes, and you go nuts! 😉

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