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This is a problem we are encountering ourselves. I argue hippa violation when family and friends are present, I get told ask them to leave room. (by by hcahps) I argue that we can’t possibly cover everything we need to say in front of patient, they say “history, everything must be done in front of patient, period.” (by by hcahps) I agree that bedside reporting could be beneficial to both pt and nurse, like you said checking lines, neuro status, but I also feel there are things we say that cannot and should not be said in front of pt. i.e. this pt requires lots of drugs or he doesn’t know he has cancer, or she has HIV but doesn’t want anyone to know. Another issue is once we have the information and come back to these same patients each night or day why go over it again? Update me and let’s move on. Also these rounds take an enormous amount of time when you have 5-7 patients and 3-5 nurses to give or get report from. What? You are here past 7:15? Not acceptable! What? The patient decided to tell their whole life story to the oncoming nurse? You didn’t walk out mid-sentence? (by by hcahps) a arrggghhh! Lol

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