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I understand the frustrations everyone is facing but this is being done everywhere now. I like the bedside report. It lets me check the fluids, foleys, dressings, IV sites, etc. with the previous nurse there. If there are any deficiencies, they can take care of it right away instead of tripping off duty and leaving you with a soiled patient, empty fluid bags, full foleys, patients in pain, and dirty rooms. If the patient is asleep, we give report outside the door and don’t wake them. If there are other people in the room, ask the patient’s permission to speak in front of them or ask them to step out of the room. I find that I get better report this way and that I give better report this way. Instead of reading from a cardex, like so many nurses do, we can discuss the actual person in front of us. If there are things better kept between the nurses, cover that before or after the bedside report. Maybe it takes a little longer, but it will make a better nurse out of the ones who leave things undone that they should have taken care of because they will get tired of you pointing these things out to them. Just the other day, the nurse I was getting report from during bedside told me the patient was on LR at 75 ml/hr. I turned the bag around and said “She has NS hanging. Which is it according to the orders?” Embarrassing for that nurse because she didn’t know what fluids her patient had. She was just reading off the cardex which was incorrect. Since we started this, I have had fewer and fewer things to point out. I like introducing the next shift nurse to my patients. They feel like an important part of their care and are more comfortable during shift change (which can sometimes be a no man’s land for the patients).

None of the issues brought up here are unsolveable. Be creative and critically think of ways to get the job done better and safer for your patients.

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