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I’ll start if off…

Prison Nurse 1st team: Pros of my position is that it gives me a variety of experiences. ER, MD office, labs, EKG’s, meds, wound care, chronic & acute conditions, psych etc… I also like the part that I don’t have to deal with families/visitors or bend over backwards to please my patient. I do the care and that’s it. Also love that I don’t have to put up with any verbal mistreatment from patients. I can write them up for it. If it’s physical I can take them down. I like that in my line of work an attitude & verbal ability is a necessity at times and sweet talking the patients is not allowed. No call lights, no assisting with ADL’s. Plenty of OT available and awesome insurance and PDO’s package. Cons of it… it’s all male patients, if you are too nice you can be looked at as a possible “dirty staff”.

Agency Nurse: I like this position because it gives me a variety of different experiences in different settings. I have the opportunity to give gentle/loving care, all different age groups, a staff under me to lead, I get the the skills that my other job doesn’t offer as in NG’s, Trach’s, feeding tubes. Con’s… If your abused, it depends on situation if & what action you can take. Dealing with family/visitors and having to accommodate patients wishes/wants/needs. Under staffed. CALL LIGHTS. Assisting with all forms of care.

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