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Just a word to those who may not be at a facility that has implemented the change yet, but if you have an ADN, many hospitals are starting to require you get the BSN within a certain amount of time. Several area hospitals are no longer hiring LVNs so they all have to get their RN done. The new healthcare bill is pushing for NPs to become the new PCPs and most people going to med school are being pushed towards specialties and not PCP fields. Nursing is changing and if you want to stay in it for the long term, get that schooling done. I just have an ADN so I am looking at a bridge program through TT. My goal was always NP anyways, but I need to get moving. I took two years off of school when most of my classmates went on and they are all done with BSNs already. I am a bit jealous and disappointed with myself. I am a single mom too and at the time I just had two teenage girls, now I have a 5mo old baby to add to the mix. It will be harder but necessary.

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