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At my facility we are not allowed to even request off from thanksgiving through Jan 10th. They try to rotate the holidays around but I work weekends and if it fell on a weekend we worked it regardless. And as y’all all know it has been years since I have seen a Christmas or New Years off, and last year was so great to know it did not fall on my shift! Well guess what? Last year they started a new policy that we would all work the holidays! I was so mad I could have screamed! But I have kids to feed so in I went. I agree with Jason above about calling out, and spending time with your family. Yes people are sick on the holiday and yes we knew what we were getting into when we chose this profession but we still have our lives outside of work and our families. I think the scheduling should just be done fairly and if it my shift I work it. I do appreciate those people with no children or family functions to attend ect that volunteer to come in for those of us that do. They are true angels to someone who has little ones and counts on Santa being there each year on Christmas Eve not the next day off.

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