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I worked in a clinic where keeping your personal cell phone on your person was not a problem. No one abused the privilege. There were employees buying things on line from time to time, but the health system started blocking shopping sites and that ended the problem. No one there had electronic book readers, but we were so busy that we did not have time for that. Several people used their cell phones etc to look up drugs and diagnosis and treatment plans. No problem with that either.

Best of luck to you when you get to explain your side of the story. Is there an official policy about no electronic devices? You mentioned an email but was this just a reaction and not really a written down policy? The institution will have trouble enforcing this especially since many professionals use their devices as I mentioned above to help them in treating patients. Basically picking up the device instead of looking some thing up in a book. Can’t imagine that administration would tell medical providers that they can not use their electronics!

I also worked briefly at another clinic where having my cell phone in my pocket caused a big problem and I was treated badly because I answered a call during the work day.

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