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My hospital just recently put out an official policy banning cell phone use in patient care areas. Can only use them on break, out of view of patients. Funny thing is they also gave us all work cell phones and want us to use them to talk with each other, so we are actually on cell phones more now than we were before.

My boss is cool, as long as the work is done, she doesn’t care if we surf the net, but some people take advantage so it wouldn’t surprised me if the computer Nazis don’t block even more sites in the future.

When I was working nights, nobody got a break until everyone’s jobs were done, and then we all declared official break time and put in a movie or something. I think your co-worker is upset that you are taking a break and reading when he isn’t getting a break too? If everyone is taking a break and all of the work is done, it sounds like he needs to put on his big girl panties and get over it, but if that isn’t the case, it would probably make your life easier to not break out the electronics when others are still working?

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