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Thank you everyone for your input.. I do appreciate different perspectives. Someone asked what I do,and what my pt load is.. I am an RN. HAVE BEEN FOR 16 years, 10 at this facility. My patient load is generally no more than 6 but on the night in question,I had 4, two of which were observations pts. Also, my rooms were stocked,nurses station was clean, and I had even set up a line draw kit and an IV start kit for this nurses I certainly wasn’t idle by any means.and because I was the only nurse at that station, with the cnas being spread out, I wasn’t comfortable leaving the floor for lunch or breaks. So I took them at the nurses station,and I read.. There are 3 stations on this the furthest end there is rehab, and it is a large open station,and everyone congregates there at night,the second station is a little further down, just on the other side of the med room,and all the call lights rig there. The station I was at is what we consider medical overflow,and it’s a very long walk down the hall.. Pretty isolated.

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