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If I won the lottery I would definitely find some type of volunteer work where I could still practice nursing or helping others. The great thing about it would be that I was doing it because I WANTED to, not because I had to. Reverse burn-out? I use jokes and laughter, forums such as these, and trying to find one good thing out of my work week to remind me why I chose to be a nurse. That one patient or family member who said thank you for caring for me so, or the co-worker who said thanks for your help tonight, or the crazy jokes we laughed about in the break room about the latest code brown ect. These simple things keep me going when I get to feeling I can give no more. I love nursing, I know I am supposed to nurse, but it is stressful as hell most times. I daydream of being a Wal Mart greeter some days, where if I make a mistake no one is going to die, or sue me for my life’s savings and my children’s grocery money, and when the day was over I did not have dreams of what ifs. But its what I do, more so who I am. I’m a nurse, so I pull up my big girl panties, paint on that sometimes fake smile and keep on nursing! MUCH LOVE TO NURSES!

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