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    I have a pt that has several issues but we can’t seem to get answers around here. He has a gj tube and is on Puramino formula (has milk allergies). Recently he has been having bloody mucus in his poops and screaming each time he goes even though they are soft. We are in Florida and are looking for a good GI. Does anyone know of any or have any suggestions?



    Since he has a g tube to prevent air and then j to provide his nutrition I assume he has some underlying g/i problem. Depending on his age I imagine he has diverticulitis or IBS related to absorption issues. The symptoms are vague and can be minor like chrons to colon cancer. He needs scoped to determine the source if the change in bowel habits may just be hemmroids which r painful no matter how soft the stools. Which the blood is bright red I assume that is what he is having. Sorry not more help good luck doctors in Florida are sometimes difficult to find. God bless!


    As a RN and mother to a child with a J-tube, I live by probiotics. They work wonders! I had to add that plus an anti gas medication. My child use to scream bloody murder with each bowel movement and desaturate. Solved those problems. Bleeding maybe a fissure or hemmroid.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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