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    Hi everyone!

    I will be graduating with my ADN April 2015 and am looking into continuing my education right away to stay in the groove. I have a Bachelors in Marketing from 2007 and was considering just getting an MSN instead of a BSN. I was wondering what you all thought about that? I don’t mind length of the program, but I am wondering the benefits of both. And with the mSN, do you have to specialize right away (because I still haven’t even started work so I’m wondering if that’ll be a problem with my skills and what not) or can I get an MSN and work a couple years beside then continue with the DNP? The MSN takes about 2-3 years so I would be working during that time.

    Obviously you see I’m confused! Any advice would help!

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    In order to go from ADN-MSN your bachelors degree has to be in a related field. I’m not sure what your marketing degree contained, but you would have had to have taken your chemistry, biology, physics, and statistics in order to be able to qualify for a ADN-MSN program. I have a bachelors in pre-med Neuroscience and am doing an ADN-MAN program.

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    ADN-MSN, not MAN

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    This is a GREAT question!! I, too, have a bachelor’s degree and am working on my ADN. My first degree is in psychology… I’ve wondered the same thing… go from ADN to BSN or MSN?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)

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