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    I am a student that is projected to graduate this May. I have no clue what happens after that. Where do I want to apply for jobs? How long do I study before I go in and take the NCLEX. I thought after two years of schooling I would have made a concrete decision on what I want to do and where I want to do it. Is it a bad sign that I feel more lost than when I started the program? How do I decide where I am supposed to be?


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I know that feeling! I graduated May 2nd last year and took my NCLEX the second week of June. Don’t wait too long but still give yourself enough time to study and not feel rushed! It is normal to feel lost, I sure did the closer I got to graduating. Just start applying everywhere you can and could also imagine yourself not absolutely hating. I think I put out about 30 applications before I was offered an interview and I got the job I interviewed for. Now that I’ve been at this job 6 months it has helped clarify more for me of what direction I want to go in and I have recently just been offered another position somewhere else that is more in line with what I realize I would rather do. It’s a process but worth the effort so don’t get discouraged or give up! It will become clear what you are supposed to do and where you should be.

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Everybody comes through this after the graduation. But you don’t need to be afraid. It is just a new period in your life. It is not easy to find a proper job nowadays,but our company can help you with this task. It is easy and comfortable to use!

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