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    Anonymous nursing student asked me to post this into the forum so he/she could get some feedback from anyone who has gone through something similar or can give him/her some wise insight into the situation. This is a copy and paste of the message he/she sent me:

    Ok so here goes the facts of the situation. I started nursing school a few weeks ago. For the first week, we were taken all over town to a variety of places that we were told we were going to help. In helping I mean serving meals and doing community service projects for. Nothing nursing related. We were given a syllabus and objectives for the classes and we were told the following: ”We will not hand hold or caudal you. We are not here to teach you how to find things in a book. Here are your books, you have the objectives now go figure it out. As for the labs, we were told to watch videos on YouTube and look at the book. No we will not demonstrate how to do procedures, you will figure it out and then pray you pass.” When someone has a question they are told it is a stupid question. Nearly the entire class is so stressed out and cries all of the time. We were told to ignore our families and friends and that we would have zero life so get over it. We were told that if we were stressed out, crying or lost that we should just drop the program. When some of us went to lab the other day we were told when we walked in the door that everyone else had been failed on that lab and that we may as well plan on failing it. This is just a small portion of the things that are taking place. There is no guidance at all. We ask for power points to be posted and while they get posted, we get a rash of comments from the instructor about how other instructors won’t post their information online. If you miss it in class too bad. As for IV’s and injections, we are going to read about it but no practice in this class. Several of us have thought about going to the Dean of Students to see if we can get some help. We don’t know and many of us fear that if we bring it to someone higher at the college that we will get pushed out of the program. Has anyone ever gone through this? So many of us are trying to figure out why we are paying for an education that we feel we are not getting. We are all so upset, unhappy and confused that we have no idea what to do anymore. Suggestions on what to do and feedback would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks much –


    My first piece of advice is to make sure the school is accredited. I know someone who went through a program, just to find out her state would not accept that school’s credits. There are some scam schools, mostly online, but some physical schools too. I’ll let others give some wisdom as I’m still shocked that someone is having a worse nursing school experience than I did. Good luck.

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    Nursing school means no life. But it does not mean no guidance. I cannot believe that you are not getting anything in lab and what not. We had to fight for powerpoints. And we got PBLs instead of lecture, so you were essentially teaching yourself the material, and then get a guide after all the research. It is tough, but what you are describing is freaking impossible. Go to your Dean, check into the schools credentials. And like Mr Hautala says are they accredited? This smells of a scam.


    This sounds like a bad school to me. Yes nursing school is tough but the instructors TAUGHT! They talked about it in class and answered our questions. There is always one or two teachers that will tell you to look it up but for the most part the teachers answered questions. In the beginning of the program they were extremely hard on us but they became friendlier once they weeded out the people that flunked.

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