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    I’m a freshman nursing student looking for tips on how to effectively study for my Human A&P class, any tips?

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    I wish I’d had this infographic when I was in university. Makes all the cranial nerves so much easier to remember. I also has a mnemonic for them
    “Oh, Olfactory nerve 1
    once Optic nerve 2
    one Oculomotor nerve 3
    takes Trochlear nerve 4
    the Trigeminal nerve 5
    Anatomy Abducens nerve 6
    final, Facial nerve 7
    a Acoustic nerve 8
    good Glossopharyngeal nerve 9
    vacation Vagus nerve 10
    a- spinal Accessory nerve 11
    head!” Hypoglossal nerve 12

    I used to tutor A&P when I was in school. The big thing is just to open the book and study. Repeat as necessary. Find as many mnemonics as you can. When studying muscles around the arms/legs, always start with the same one so you can go around from a set point. (I always started with sartorius, because it was broken on our model.) Memorize. Memorize. Make flash cards. Get the coloring book – really! Do *all* the work in the lab book. You’ve GOT to get a good basis on A&P because everything else just builds on it. Seriously, that’s why it’s known as a “weeder” course. If you can’t hack that, everything else that’s coming after it will be impossible. (And A&P will feel like a piece of cake when you look back on it in four years!)

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    Greetings gwendy,

    I have study guides from AP1 (if you print them in color it will benefit you greatly!!) for all of the chapters that are covered in AP1; if you email me at I will gladly forward them to you. Study them, utilize them, and be sure to save them on jump drive. As the previous message from Marpan8iv stated if it is your desire to become a nurse, then you will have to digest this information. Also, I have included in the study guides the 13 cranial nerves and a great mnemonic as well!!! You will find this info extremely helpful…so shoot me and email to my email…You will be fine as you progress!!!

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    Flash cards and mnemonics can go along way. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own. One of my favorites for neuro A&P was SAME DAVE.

    S = Sensory
    A = Afferent
    M = Motor
    E = Efferent

    D = Dorsal
    A = Afferent
    V = Ventral
    E = Efferent

    It helps you remember that sensory neurons are dorsal, etc. Cranial Nerves have about 1000 different mnemonics ranging from hilarious to overly sexual. With muscles, if you can remember the location, you can pretty much use your own body as a cheat sheet, because if you do various motions over, say, your leg, you can figure out that doing X motion contracts the Y muscle because you can literally feel it on yourself.

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