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    Hi, so ever since I had to drop out of pre calc over the summer worried won’t be accepted into nursing school. Thankfully didn’t take a grade in pre-calc. 4 intense weeks of pre-calc was insane! I was doing it so I could enter into a BSN program by the end of the year, but doesn’t look like that will be the case. On to Plan B which is the community college program. I am super nervous because this is the last resort I will be 30 by 2017 want to be in a program by the time I am 30 and out by the time 32.

    The ABSN program is wicked competitive and as can tell I need time to absorb material not a crash course like I had with pre-calc.

    I am not the most academically strong student, but if I put effort in I can manage decent grades. By decent mean a 80 to 85 in Chem, really tough class. An a 85 to 90 in AP. However, from people I’ve talked to you have to achieve a 4.0 in your science prerequisites and ave a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA to even be considered for the nursing program. On top of that need an 80 or above on your TEAS, bit daunting not the greatest standardized test taker (prefer essay exams).

    I am planning to take the TEAS 3 times. If I can get above an 80 the first time won’t take the test again. Planning to take the test in November, December, and January.

    The other issue that weighs heavily on me is you can apply to the program without AP2, but need to take AP2 in the Spring. Pending on your grade they will let you know if allowed in the program. Not sure how that all works out since acceptance letters go out at the end of April and Spring semester ends mid May.

    Like I said I am nervous. There is no other option after this. Was going to go the LPN route, but our State did away with the LPN program. I could apply for the Fall 2018 BSN program and finish around 2021, but I’ll be 34 wanting to start having children having a family.


    I have my bachelor’s in psychology and was put on the wait list for our community college’s nursing program. It’s considered the top community college nursing program in the state. I took all of our electives and pre-reqs before the program actually began because A&P required a lot of memorization. Nursing school is completely different than any other classes I’ve had. The exams require a different way of thinking and analyzing. I would say go ahead and take A&P2 in the spring while you wait on an acceptance letter. Focus on achieving your RN first and then there are programs to achieve your BSN with only an extra year that also allow for you to work full time while doing so.

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    Don’t be afraid!
    I will not lie, nursing school is hard and is a whole different ballgame.It is a LOT of work, a LOT of reading, but it’s alll there for a reason.
    The best advice I can give you is to be as prepared as you possibly can (do your reading, use outside resources), do the extra assignments even if they are only for your benefit and don’t count for a grade, and don’t worry so much about test grades. Here good article how to write essay also

    Most of all BE POSITIVE and LOVE NURSING! You can do this!

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