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    I just graduate LPN school and they only full time work I could find was in Assisted Living. Here I don’t use my nursing skills because everyone here is independent. I love my residents. I feel like I really make a difference here. I talk to them and keep them company between med passes. I learn their normal behavior so I can know what their normal is. But I have heard from another nurse that I’m not a “real nurse”. That really got me down. I use nursing judgment everyday here for sending people to the ER, mental evaluations, therapeutic commination, and medication administration. But I can’t get what was said out of my head. Am I a real nurse working as an Assisted Living Nurse?

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    I was a LVN/LPN for 18 yrs and mainly because I loved what I did. Before I could graduate in 1995 I was offered a job as a Worker’s Comp facilitator that didn’t really require a nurse but it was ER in a level trauma prior to that I was a ER tech at night snd I learned so much. Then I was offered a job at the HH agency I couldn’t refuse and worked night at a local hospital for a while. I made over 70k being a nurse first year and bought my house in 1996. Then I was referred back to my hospital by an nurse working at the agency part time. As a couple years being at the right place at the right time and having a desk in Case Mgr as a Home Health Coordinator, the director told me she liked my work ethics and offered me a job. I negotiated pay 4 times even though it was more than I was making. I came from sales so this was a fun challenge for me. Anyway been an RN for a yr and making 90+ yr and been at my job for 24 yrs (they gave back the yr n half). Hang in there, hustle and meet people and most of all feel proud of what you have accomplished. I loved being a LVN and learned the most but now as a RN I sit back in a office job and going to finish my BSN to MSN/MBA. Good luck!

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