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    With the big push to do away with ADN-RN nurses and making the BSN the minimum required to work as an RN, I have heard rumors that in order to “save” the LPNs, they were going to make the LPN an associates level degree, like the current ADN-RN. Has anyone else heard this rumor?

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    I earned my ADN 2 years ago, and just completed my BSN. I have not heard this rumor and it does not make sense. If that was their intention just do away with LPNs.

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    I just graduated in May with my ADN. I know that the local college just revamped their ADN program and pretty much did away with their LPN program. I was recently hired at a local hospital on their medical surgical floor and was required to sign a contract to get my BSN. I have 2 years to enroll in a program and 5 years to complete it. Another local hospital had the same contact. Both are magnet hospitals. I doubt they will do away with the ADN program in the near future as it is an avenue for people like me (second career older student) to get a nursing degree. I hope this helps.

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    I have not heard this rumor but I first graduated in 2007 with an associated degree for my LPN. I have since gone back to school and got my RN associate degree and I am now currently in school doing an RN-Masters program. The school I went to for my LPN and RN continue to offer the degrees as associates.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 8 total)

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