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    looking for wisdom please…. I am at a crossroads in my life [57 yrs young – rec’d LVN in 2010; started late]. currently an LVN in junior high [4 yrs] – love the kids – wanting to do more – not wanting hospital atmosphere.

    QUESTION 1: Do I shred LVN nursing school notes [5-7 yrs old] and start fresh w/RN school in 2 years? I will need to retake the sciences over.

    QUESTION 2: Is it worth RN school time [plus paying back tuition, etc]?

    I am looking to retire at 65 and then volunteer my time after that. I am happy making my current paycheck now until I am 65 [low maintenance gal]. Thank you for any advice.


    The difference in jobs between LVP and RN is not going to be significant, unless you are planning on changing departments or facilities when you are done with school.

    If you would get satisfaction of going back to school, learning some new things (not as much useful things as you would expect), and getting the title “RN,” then go for it … but from a financial point of view, I doubt you will make back what you spent for the program and don’t really see how it will help.

    If you have a ton of free time that you want to fill up with something, go for it, but if you have family around and enjoy your current activities, I would spend my time doing that instead.

    All in favor of education, but don’t think it is really worth the money they charge sometimes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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