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    So I just took my ATI Predictor Exam and it said I had a 91% chance of passing the NCLEX, I was thrilled….until I heard majority of the class received 95% and higher. Some even 99%. It made me feel inadequate and dumb. I also have one of the lowest GPA’s in the class..2.25. I work as an LVN full time while I got to school full time. It is hard for me to keep on top of my work plus I have horrible test anxiety. I dont want to use that as an excuse and now i fear that I won’t get into NP programs with that GPA or that I won’t pass the NCLEX. I mean I only got a 91% not a 99%… I know this sounds silly but its hard not to compare scores with others in your class. Any words of courage?


    I graduated in June and my class took the ATI predictor too. I got 96%, many of my classmates scored in the 80s and 90s, and probably 1/3 were asked to remediate and retake the test… A few had to take it a third time.

    If your school offers the ATI live review, I encourage you to attend. Most of my class came and took good notes. There were a few NCLEX prep study sessions people put together after graduation, but I only attended one. The amazing thing is: EVERY single person in my class (38) passed on the first try!
    My gpa was 3.7 but I don’t know what other people had. I went to a community college program that was a mix of LPN and non-nurse students, most of whom worked at least part time. We had the “traditional” nursing students ( in their 20s), people who were on their second, third, or fourth careers, and several international students. The thing we all had in common was determination and a commitment to helping each other. If you have that, I think you’ll be fine.


    Comparing yourself to others is always going to be a slippery slope, in any situation or phase of life.. People learn differently, think differently, have different life scenarios etc..I find that comparing scores, and grades is silly and will always leave you feeling inadequate- while test do measure knowledge , there is more to being a nurse then perfect pathological/physiological understanding, nursing requires strong communication skills, multitasking abilities and a caring heart (which cant be taught) – Keep your chin up, everyone has different talents and skills, and everyone is called to nursing for different reasons- mainly to share these talents with others who will need it in their most vulnerable state of life.. Never loose sight of why your becoming a nurse- grades are long forgotten about when you get into practicing anyway… In summary- be happy for what YOU CAN DO, and dont bother comparing yourself to others- you never win, and keep in mind people aren’t always honest and going to tell you everything, finally GPA is not everything- nursing takes so much more then that- its your character that counts the most! Relax- try your best- and be the best nurse you can be!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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