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    I’m 31 and I’ve just started nursing school. I also started working as an aide in a hospital about a year ago, and so far both are going okay. But I’ve always had an awkward personality, I’ve never fully grown out of it, and it’s often difficult for me to bond with coworkers and classmates. I also look young for my age, so people just think I’m an awkward kid.
    I feel comfortable talking with patients (I’ve always worked in customer service type jobs before, so dealing with the public doesn’t scare me), it’s just being able to eventually establish myself as a legitimate nurse to my peers that has me concerned. Anyone had a similar experience and have advice?

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    Your work will help you establish yourself, if you can prove you can do the work, your peers will notice. Confidence is key. I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels awkward, so don’t sweat it too much. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my different jobs over the years, it’s that reaching out is usually welcomed and admitting your fears can gain trust and respect, more so than trying to hide it. Good luck!

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    I’ve had a similar experience which is now it the past. I’m 40 and it’s just something I had to work on. I think it’s just time that works it out. I would suggest you ask about your co-workers lives (not too personal) but get to know their lives a bit and share what you feel comfortable sharing (but be picky with whom you share, and what you share about yourself). This doesn’t mean you have to spend time outside of work, unless you want to; just be friendly with all of them and treat them well. And don’t feel guilty if there are co-workers you don’t like – that’s normal and you don’t have to be friends with everyone; you do have to treat everyone well, though. But, sharing a bit of you and knowing a bit about them will help you relax as they get to know and feel more comfortable around you and vice versa.

    When you talk with your colleagues try not to set any of them up on a pedestal that you feel you can’t reach. No one is truly that high up that you can’t attain to their level (many act this way, but it’s not true) in time and experience.

    In terms of confidence, you just have to fake it until you make it. This was, and still is difficult for me, but it gets easier and confidence really does develop.

    Do not be too honest – there is such a thing and I can bet this might very well be something you do! I did. (Of course don’t lie about patient circumstances). DO NOT THINK TOO MUCH, and DO NOT ANALYZE every interaction with any of your co-workers. When you catch yourself thinking, stop it. Just stop it. It’s hard at first, but get’s easier.

    Also, I’d recommend that if you’re happy with the conditions of where you work, and who you work with, stay there and don’t move around a lot. This will improve your nursing skills and increase your confidence and decrease your awkwardness.

    I know I’ve given you more than you asked for, but it’s good advice and all those things are connected. All the best.


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