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    I left this post in one of the LPN threads, but figured I would copy it here as a reminder for everyone to stay focused on the topic of the thread and do not attack any member because their english skills are not up to your liking … or for any other reason. Discuss ideas and events, don’t put down members.

    Posts that deal with the topic of the thread are encouraged … thank you. Posts that do nothing besides insult a member because of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, are not productive. I encourage everyone to spell check and edit their posts before hitting the submit button, but unless they are asking for proofreading help on a school paper, please leave comments about the above errors out of the discussion. If you really do not understand what they are saying, let it go and move on. If you really want to help that person and you don’t understand, send them a private message, but snide comments will be deleted.

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