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    Gina Gavozzi

    I am looking for some insight on bedside reporting. The unit I work on is considering changes in our shift-to-shift reporting. I would love to hear what other nurses feel about the process.


    In the ER there is more psychosocial dystrophy, so I think there is enough in report that we wouldn’t want the patient or family to hear, so I’m not a big fan of shift bedside reporting. That being said, I usually love it when I can get an ICU nurse to come down to the ER for a bedside report on a very sick, one on one type patient, that way I can explain all of the drips and pull up the chart right in the room and go over everything, and then have an extra pair of hands to move everything down to the unit.

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    We do it on our floor and it has it’s good and bad points. I like it overall because I like to let patients know Im leaving and they are in good hands and to be introduced when Im coming on, it also gives them a chance to tell you anything the nurse giving you report may have missed, like things they wanted you to know… BUT our hospital is getting hardcore and wants us to wake people up to do it… Im NOT a fan of waking them up @ 645am for that, and of course there are some things you shouldn’t say in front of patients and some patients you shouldn’t talk in front of at all. Overall it is a good thing though, I like it, I think being in the room and seeing everything leaves me open to asking more questions in report about what I see and perhaps less things being missed.

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    Jane Boots

    The hospital I work at has been doing shift-shift bedside report for over a year and also team bedside rounds with nurses and MD teams. It works great, allows the patient to take part, ask questions and provide input. IVs can be double checked, meds reviewed and care plan discussed. Our patients like it. It makes our care more patient-family oriented. There is also a lot of good information out there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 11 total)

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