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    Hi Everyone! I just finished my first year of nursing school!! HALFWAY there! I currently own the Saunders review book. I have used it throughout my classes to this point to help study for tests. (Ex: If we were being tested on diabetes, I would read the info/do the questions on diabetes).

    I am looking for something with more questions, so I can practice them more. The book I have now has a lot of info, but not that many questions! I feel like my tests at school are much easier than the NCLEX questions I review in the book and online, so I want to be prepared. I also need to practice the ‘select all that apply’ questions, because from when I read the NCLEX has 30-40% of those questions, and I NEVER see them on our tests.

    I fully intend on taking a review course next year when I am done with the program, I just want some recommendations for books and/or apps that I can review in my free time. (Lol, like I have so much of that)

    Thanks everyone!

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    Recommend the kaplan review and they have review e books you can download to help you now.


    I used lippincotts alternative format questions for nclex and exam cram for nclex, in addition to Saunders. Passed on the first attempt. Good luck!


    Nclex rn mastery is awesome and they have a 200% guarantee that you pass the first ttime

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 6 total)

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