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    Traci Walls

    I’ve worked as an LPN/LVN at a LTC facility for all of my nearly eight year career. I love my job as a memory care nurse. I have had spells of disliking aspects of my job and have had episodes of being abrupt to my coworkers and my residents. Not verbally aggressive, but more of feeling a “disconnect” with those around me at work. I love my staff and my residents, but I just feel like I might be starting to burnout.
    I have seen countless other nurses receive promotions and advancements within the facility. Once I apply for an in house position, I hear “that position is meant for an RN”, or “we need you on the floor” or the classic,”you’re so good with families and EVERYONE LOVES YOU, why would you want to do something else?”
    I was sent out from work to a local hospital with chest pains to find nothing wrong. I am lead to believe I had a panic attack and now I am finding myself having less tolerance for the political BS that comes with LTC. Is it wrong to feel this way, or better yet, is there something wrong with me?

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    Amy Popovich

    you are not crazy..my one doctor once said that most of his patients that are nurses take antidepressants for anxiety …i take as many vacations as i can….when i got burned…i went back to school and became an RN…still not easy but worth it


    Ive been at my hospital for 8 years as well. Sometimes I dont always
    feel appreciated or feel sometimes my frustrations arent always heard. There are many times I feel, ” is it worth it?”
    Leaving my kids and husband working 12 hour shifts to care for others. I finalky took a vacation for 12 days and I feel so brand new shall I say. Then there are days where I feel it is worth it and ive made a difference. Good and bad days I probably wouldn’t change a thing cause its my calling and not everyone can do it.

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    I have been in a nurse in my LTC facility for the past 2 years & went from LPN & RN & still get treated like that–I don’t kiss a..

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