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    Nursing is a career change for me. I finished RN school and passed the NCLEX and got licensed as an RN in the state of Florida all this past summer. It was an online program with visits to Florida to do clinicals. I live in California.

    I know that California licensure is sticky to say the least so opted for my initial license in FL. Florida, I had zero problems getting licensed. Within a few days after passing the NCLEX, I got licensed. I went through their livescan and everything. No problems at all. As it should be.

    But embarrassingly, I had a run in with the law over 20 years ago. No misdemeanor or felony convictions. However my record shows I was charged with a couple misdemeanors but they were reduced to infractions. Of which the fine was like a hundred bucks, something like that. So there was no misdemeanor or felony conviction, as can be seen that Florida licensed me without any question.

    However? California? These jokers are giving me the run around. . .it has been over 3 months. The form they sent me was as if I was a mind reader. I mean, I have no misdemeanor or felony convictions at all. And I have to submit documents explaining as if I have!? They cannot read in Sacramento like they can in Tallahassee?

    I have contacted my attorney, it has been 2 weeks and I have not heard from them. I am not comfortable contacting them again as that may pad the bill.

    Anyone can offer any suggestion please? Will any California nursing association help me? Which one? Anyone know of a contact in the nursing board who has clout to help me?

    Any replies of help are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    Are you f’ing kidding me!? These are the replies I get? Please close this thread MightyNurse. What an insult and also to have it be a venue for that podcast spam!?

    I only came to this forum because that other one had the guy who created it do a murder suicide?! Good God. . .this is nursing?!

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